Our Mines | New Gold Recovery
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Our Mines

New Gold Recovery USA, Inc. has prototype operations up and running in 3,000 acre site in Nevada

New Gold Nevada

Our mineral processing plant has been in operation since mid-2013. In the winter of 2017, processing in Nevada will begin. Inc. it is located in Crescent Valley Nevada USA 89821.


New Gold Recovery’s business strategy incorporates precisely gradated expansion, with the immediate objective of 50 tons per day of processed concentrate followed by a ramp up to 100 tons per day. From there the growth is projected to be exponential.

New Gold Recovery USA, Inc. formed in 2015, is a rapidly expanding US Corporation with mines in Elko, Nevada.

Nevada contains the 3rd largest gold deposit on the planet. In the region, New Gold Recovery USA, Inc. has approximately 1,200 acres of 67 Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”) mining claims, which is wholly owned by New Gold Recovery USA, Inc.; 440 acres of private land (“Pipeline 440”), leased by NRG from Bullion Monarch Mining Inc. (“BMM”) of Orem, Utah; approximately 2,500 acres of additional BLM claims leased known as the B&B claims; and 13 acres of private land (“Mill Site”) owned by New Gold Recovery USA, Inc.

TAS 3 system

The TAS 3 is a system that has been developed, and verified by independent third party laboratories to be able to remove up to 90% of the gold from the concentrate. The actual invention is a product that is applied to a series of trays placed on a rack in a “zigzag formation”. The concentrate then flows over the formation of trays and the product in the trays attaches only precious metals; gold, silver and platinum. The dirt washes off, leaving up to 90% of the gold from the concentrate extracted.


TAS 3 will be an unique international product that will change the gold mining standard for ages to come; the intellectual property is exclusively licensed to NGR and the security measures have been developed and implemented that will protect the IP.