New Gold Recovery
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Our Mission

New Gold Recovery USA, Inc. is a visionary company that brings the recovery of gold and other precious metals into the 21st century.

The Big Picture

A considerable amount of research has been done and the groundwork has been laid. New Gold Recovery USA, Inc. is poised to change the world of gold and extractive metallurgy as a whole. Most of the mining today uses cyanide, mercury and other toxins and is hazardous to the worker, the local ecology and the environment.

Our technology uses a highly advanced system that is not only the ecologically sound solution, but achieves economic extraction at a level never before approached. This is accomplished through our guarded and proprietary technology, a fact which has been scientifically verified through several third party agencies.

Independent Research Results

The results of New Gold Recovery have been scientifically tested and verified by Global Mineral Research (GMR), a third-party metallurgical research lab, and Inspectorate Exploration and Mining Services, part of the Bureau Veritas group, all industry leaders in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC).

These third party tests have conclusively documented recovery of 90% of available gold per ton of mine tailings, a rate unheard of anywhere in the mineral processing industry.

Our Team

If common people can attain uncommon results when working as a team, what about a team of UNCOMMON people working as a cohesive unit? Would the results be EXTRAORDINARY? What about a team of EXTRAORDINARY individuals combining their unique gifts for the greater good? Would the results be nothing short of REVOLUTIONARY?

We were determined to find out, and the answer has been a resounding “Yes!”